Footswitch Extention

Finally sat down and put together all the parts I had assembled for my Digitech Jamman Solo footswitch ( DIY FS3X 3 button footswitch). Not only did I put it together, but it worked first time!

I used a $3 case, 3 $1.75 push button switches, 2 free diodes, free wire from an old broken amp, and a stereo 1/4 inch plug I had from an old project. I don’t know how long it will last because it is certainly not as sturdy as a digitech footswitch, but  it also was not $40. Even if I had purchased everything at radioshack to make this from scratch, I’d still be around $10 or $15.

I did have to bend the prong for the sleeve on my stereo jack. And I did have to figure out which direction the diodes go (thank you internet!). And I don’t like how big the enclosure is.

But more importantly it works and really makes the pedal easier to use! Especially with my back brace making it very difficult to bend down to push buttons. I do wish there were a footswitch for saving loops, but that is a minor complaint. I’m sure I’ll have more to share as I play with it!

EDIT: Here are the diagrams I got from elsewhere on the internet. You have to have the diodes for the Digitech footswitch.

FS3Xwiring1_22 FS3X-copy-schematic (1)


10 thoughts on “Footswitch Extention

    • Yes, I believe the diodes are required. The key to the 3 buttons for the footswitch to work with digitech products is the diodes. I understand this same footswitch works for TC Electronic devices just like a G-Control for the Nova System (and Eventide Space, Timefactor, Modfactor and Pitchfactor pedals). I haven’t tried it with a TC Electronic device, but I googled it and the internet says the diodes are required! Good luck!

      • thanks. that was my way of thinking too since tc’s footswitch looks exactly the same, stereo jack cable and three spst switches. thanks for reply 🙂

      • No problem! Good luck on your new project. It is a pretty easy build and well worth it. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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