Bass Headstock Reshaped

Yes, the title is in the past tense. I finished reshaping my friend’s bass headstock. What do you think?

It looks a little squat and I think I might go back and reshape it to the flatter 51 Precision bass headstock I originally had in mind. But then there wouldn’t be room for the military insignia the bass’s owner wants to put in the place of the Johnson logo. I’m going to give it back to him to play with for a while and when he’s ready, I’ll paint the face black and put on the military insignia he wants.

When I finished I put the tuners back on and found that I didn’t have enough space to cover the corner of the tuner. That explains the horn at the top of the headstock that I cut off.

This project has certainly re-instilled my love of files. It can be slow work, but unlike power tools, it is hard to mess things up in an instant. I fairly quickly filed the corner off and I think it looks pretty good.


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