Shopping Local – Electronics

I am in the process of gathering parts for a DIY FS3X external control pedal for a Digitech Jamman Solo. So I stopped by my local electronics shop and found the three metal footswitchs I need and the two diodes.  Only it turns out the switches I want to use cost more together than buying a Digitech FS3X pedal from just about anywhere. OUCH!

So I told the guy they were outside my price range and then asked how much the diodes are. He just smiled and said, “Put them in your pocket and have a nice day.”

I blinked.

He then gathered up the switches I wasn’t buying and thanked me for coming in. That is what local shops can do. That is why they still get my loyalty 85% of the time (hey, I’m not perfect).


One thought on “Shopping Local – Electronics

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