I am that jerk.

I plan to stay a bit anonymous on this blog.  What I am willing to share is:

1. I live in the Great Northwest.

2. I am married: Wife.

3. I have two kids: Boy and Girl.

4. I am an attorney.

5. I have a day job that does not involve music.

6. As much as I enjoy guitars, my family is the real priority.  Over music.  Over work.  Over anything else I can think of.  So I don’t know how long this blog will last or if it will be updated regularly.  But I will try.

Over three years ago I decided I wanted to start a blog about guitars.  I am not very good at playing the guitar, but I love playing them and I love learning about them.  However, life is busy, so I don’t put the time in that I should.  So I started this guitar journal/blog almost two years ago in a word document.  Whenever I had something to post, I’d type it up in word (the Office fans should not snicker).  I lasted about 6 months with consistent “posts.”  Then work, my daughter, the wife’s second pregnancy, and everything else that makes up life happened.

This time I decided not to worry about “testing” how productive I would be with a blog and just go for it.  I have a library of posts.  I have time to mix in new posts.  And I will have fun.  So welcome to my blog.

If you have direct questions for me, send them to gtr1ab at gmail dot com.

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