So Easy

Too often I worry that all the Gear Acquisition Syndrome fed by 95% of the guitar related stuff on the web is really just an attempt to find the easy way to great tone without actually learning how to play.  How much time have we, as guitarists, or perhaps more appropriately, as “wanna be’s” spent on gear quests and blog reading and user reviews instead of just playing our guitar?  How many times have we skipped over the detailed blog entry about playing a better minor pentatonic based solo and dug into the latest press release of a new amp that will make all our playing sound more bluesy or whatever we are trying to sound like?

How many times have we looked for the guitar version of Fotoshop by Adobe?

How can we remind ourselves that much of what we seem to focus on gear wise is often just the guitar equivalent of fotoshop?


3 thoughts on “So Easy

  1. I heard an interesting phrase this weekend, “all the gear, no idea”. In this case it was applied to a beginning golfer who had kitted himself out with thousands of pounds worth of sparkly new stuff. Equally could apply to my GAS though.

    • Ha! Very good phrase. Perhaps too descriptive and a bit too close to home.
      It is always an interesting balance to me when starting something new. Do you get the best you can afford? Do you go middle of the road? With guitars, having a poorly made/set up guitar makes it harder to learn. But a beginner probably won’t be able to tell the difference between a $400 guitar, a $1000 guitar, and a $5000 guitar. Or even sense the playing difference between two strats with different single coils installed.
      Anyway, I think a good mid level guitar to get you started and help you learn that instrument helps you know the good and bad differences between other guitars (and gear) later.
      I don’t know if I’m still on point, but thanks for the comment!

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