Pedalboard Changes

After my fun Drive Quest, I finally put my pedalboard back together. I’m sure there will be changes in the future, but this is what I decided to do for now.  My goal is to stick with this for a while, finish the projects I have laying around the house, and practice playing the guitar (see last blog entry).

First, I took all fuzz pedals off. That’s right. Blasphemy to some of you, but as I’ve mentioned before I just haven’t been happy with fuzz.

I also took off my Marshall Guv’Nor Plus 2. I’m sure it will go back on someday, but I decided to explore the two channels on my Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive as my sole source of drive and distortion with the help of the remote footswitch I am almost done building…I just have to find an enclosure.

So first is my Boss TU-2 tuner that goes into my Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive.

Next is my Morley Wah. I am still not entirely satisfied with the voicing and “sweet spot” of the sweep of this Wah, but I don’t use it a lot right now. I do like the external footswitch to turn it on and off. So much better than the internal footswitch on a Cry Baby.  I can set it at a specific sound and then turn it off and on when I want to use the Wah as a filter/overdrive/whatever.

Then I added in the effects loop/feedback pedal I modified earlier. It doesn’t currently have anything in the loop, but I can easily add effects via this pedal. I.e. my Digitech RP200 that I’m using to try to get a pseudo organ sound.

Then I have my DOD Flanger that I am trying to use more as a chorus pedal rather than a flanger. I hope to have a future post about what settings I use to turn this flanger into a chorus pedal.

Next is my Electro Harmonix Stereo Pulsar Tremolo. This is an effect that I didn’t really get at first (but for $5 at a thrift store, who’s going to argue), but I am using it more and more. A tremolo with tap tempo would be nice, but again, I’m just trying to use what I’ve already got.

That goes into my Ernie Ball Jr. Volume Pedal, which goes into my ModTone Analog Delay, which I use for swells.

Then I have my Electro Harmonics Holy Grail Reverb set to a mild hall setting to warm things up. However I do switch it to a heavy spring reverb when I want to get some twang or rockabilly!

Then I have my Boss DD-7 Digital Delay which I use mostly for the loop function or the dotted 8th note delay right now. The tap tempo pedal I made for this thing is invaluable for the dotted 8th notes setting!

All of this goes into my Morley ABY switch that allows me to choose between the Fender style preamp, the Marshall style preamp, or both preamps together on my amp.  Everything is powered by a VooDoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus.


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