Back In Tune

unopened tunerIn my attempts to get back into blogging here on a regular basis, I bought a new tuner. Here is the box.

just open the new tuner

Here I am opening the box.

tuner box open

Gotta put the battery in.

using the tuner

Now I use it on everything in the house! Did you know my son vibrates at A sharp?

The Polytune clip on is pretty nice. It has a few negatives with the tuner not being able to rotate on the clip. It folds in and out, but rotation would allow me to set it exactly how I want. But the reality is that it is very accurate. And it works very quickly. It is bright. I generally use the single note tuner on each string and then use the polytune to see how all the strings interact with each other.

It looks like I will be taking my Boss TU-2 Tuner pedal off my pedalboard. Maybe I’ll add a reverb? Future post topic? Probably!


6 thoughts on “Back In Tune

  1. What a coincidence; I’ve just bought one of these myself. Excellent device. I think you should be wary of taking the TU-2 off your board straight away though. It is a very effective buffer and might be worth leaving on for that purpose alone.

    • I wondered about that, but I just splurged for a Strymon Flint (future post to follow) and need room on my pedal board. I was also looking at the Diamond Compressor jr as a way to boost instead of a buffer. We shall see what I end up doing with my board. But don’t worry, I will be posting that process.

  2. I use a cheap Snark one that cost only about a tenner. It has been invaluable on acoustics at gigs etc. Never thought about ripping off my Boss tuner on the board…. hmmm…. First I thought that I use is for muting for guitar changes but then I have a vol pedal that can do that … but then I have a habit of using several (too?) many guitars if and when I ever play live so would I swap the snark or buy several… Typical GAS response that isn’t it… buy more!!! lol

    • My cheap Snark has been unreliable for a while now. And clip on tuners seem the best for acoustic.
      I don’t know yet if switching the clip on tuner is more of a hassle than swapping guitars with a tuner pedal. I will probably try using just the clip-on and report back here! The high price and quality makes me want to rely on the clip on tuner. Combine that with the pedal board real estate and I may be a bit biased toward using the clipon.

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