Collings & Dusty Strings

A quick hop, skip, and a jump from my work is a great guitar shop call Dusty Strings. On one of my lunch breaks I made a quick trip to check out the National Resolectric I saw online.

The National wasn’t what I had hoped for, but I did see a lot of great guitars. Namely this Collings SoCo LC!

Collings SOCO LC

What a great instrument! I liked it a lot, but it is a semi-hollow body guitar and I am looking for the lighter full hollow body guitars like my Fender Coronado II or the 1964 Guild Starfire III measuring stick.

But there are some absolutely gorgeous instruments being made in this world. We can’t have all of them, but we can try to get exposed to as many of them as possible.

So a big thank you to Collings for making a great instrument and an even bigger thank you to Dusty Strings for a great shop and for providing those wonderful opportunities.


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