New Family Member

I did it! I pulled the trigger on a hollow body guitar and I ended up with the 1973 Fender Coronado II at my local guitar shop.

Fender Coronado II headstock

It has a fender neck, but it has what can only be described as a Gretch body. And those pickups are loud! It will need a fret job in the future, but most of my guitars are getting to that point. I like low frets.

Fender Coronado II

And the set up from my local shop is spot on. I am very happy with it. However the pickups make me want to replace the Gibson 490’s in my 62 SG Jr with some sort of dog eared P-90’s so it goes back to the SG Jr it originally was (or the SG Special I wish it was).

Fender Coronado pickup

But enough about my other guitars. This is all about the new to me Coronado II. It plays well through my Franzel Super Champ Sportster. It is certainly a feedback machine, but I can minimize that with body placement and volume control.

Enjoy the pictures because I’m enjoying the guitar!


2 thoughts on “New Family Member

  1. Nice guitar and I’d wager to suggest a good investment. Some years back I remember looking at a Tele Deluxe, two humbuckers, four controls in LP layout, Strat hardtail bridge, large strat headstock bullet truss and the sales guy was saying “I just can’t shift that. No one likes them do they. I mean rubbish build quality, although this one aint’ bad, pickups not Gibson or Fender… who’ll buy it?” It was about £450 if I remember. I left thinking – actually I always liked the look of those, but I can’t really afford it (I’d just bought my Peter Cook for £250 in the same shop) and it’ll no doubt lose value. I’d have at least trebled my investment since 10 years later or so Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand et al all started jumping around on tele with them.

    Re the pickups – I had an LP Special faded finish for a few years. I bought it convinced I needed a P90 loaded guitar in the arsenal. I didn’t in the end I never really got on with it but preferred either fender single coils or big humbuckers. You could look at things like the humbucker size P90 like replacements some companies offer. That way you can always swap back if you decide not or when you come to resell it if ever.

    • I don’t know if it will be a good investment, but I am certainly enjoying it! As for your Tele Deluxe, you should write a blog entry about the one that got away!

      I have some Seymour Duncan P-rails with triple shot mounting rings on my Warmoth project guitar and I find I use the P-90 almost exclusively. Sometimes I’ll go humbucker (parallel more than series if I remember the settings), but I am more likely to go single coil in the neck position when I don’t go P-90. And when I play my SG Jr frankenstein with what I believe are a Gibson 498T/490R humbucker combination I often wish for the P-90 sound I get from my Warmoth. And because it isn’t to spec, I don’t have a problem dropping some humbucker sized P-90’s into the existing pick guard or getting a new pickguard that fits. All it takes is more money!

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