Budget Guitar Set Up

My friend has an old Silver Cadet by Ibanez from a long time ago.

Silver Cadet Headstock

It has been sitting in a really cool looking hard shell case for years with a broken high E string and a lot of cat hair. Because I am always looking for guitar projects, I offered to clean it and set it up.

Silver CadetAnd so it begins. Strings off. Next is cleaning everything. Putting it back together. Complete set up. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Budget Guitar Set Up

  1. There is a risk the case is worth more than the guitar – criminal to say but possibly true these days. I recently saw a second hand very servicable strat copy at about £40! Looking forward to the next instalment.

    • I wondered the same thing. I even tried my strat style guitars in it to see if they would fit. I am tempted to buy/trade the case from my friend after I set up his guitar. That Silver Cadet just needs a gig bag!

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