New Family Member

I did it! I pulled the trigger on a hollow body guitar and I ended up with the 1973 Fender Coronado II at my local guitar shop.

Fender Coronado II headstock

It has a fender neck, but it has what can only be described as a Gretch body. And those pickups are loud! It will need a fret job in the future, but most of my guitars are getting to that point. I like low frets.

Fender Coronado II

And the set up from my local shop is spot on. I am very happy with it. However the pickups make me want to replace the Gibson 490’s in my 62 SG Jr with some sort of dog eared P-90’s so it goes back to the SG Jr it originally was (or the SG Special I wish it was).

Fender Coronado pickup

But enough about my other guitars. This is all about the new to me Coronado II. It plays well through my Franzel Super Champ Sportster. It is certainly a feedback machine, but I can minimize that with body placement and volume control.

Enjoy the pictures because I’m enjoying the guitar!


Budget Guitar Set Up

My friend has an old Silver Cadet by Ibanez from a long time ago.

Silver Cadet Headstock

It has been sitting in a really cool looking hard shell case for years with a broken high E string and a lot of cat hair. Because I am always looking for guitar projects, I offered to clean it and set it up.

Silver CadetAnd so it begins. Strings off. Next is cleaning everything. Putting it back together. Complete set up. Wish me luck!