One of my local guitar shops has an Epiphone Casino Coupe. It is like a small body Epiphone Casino.

Epiphone Casino Coupe

Admittedly I don’t like the modern sunburst or the headstock, but it is a hollow body and has fun P-90s! I played it acoustically and moved on. Then I saw the Gibson ES-390 in transparent red.

Gibson ES-390

Sorry for the bad picture cutting off the headstock. The important thing is that I played it acoustically and then plugged it in. Wow! I know I didn’t plug in the Epiphone, but I really liked playing the Gibson.

But it makes me wonder if it is the price tag that makes me like it more (you like more what you can’t have). Or is it the cosmetics like the color and headstock. Or the fact that I don’t like pick guards on these guitars? Is the Gibson really worth 4 or more times more than the Epiphone? What influences your guitar choices when looking at the expensive version and the budget version of such similar guitars?


3 thoughts on “Coupe

  1. I can’t really comment too much. Other than to say I’ve got both ends of the spectrum. I have Gibson Les Paul Custom- I just always wanted a black custom, I have no real idea why I just saw it as “the” guitar to have, Frampton… Maybe… any way There was no contest I had to have a Gibson if at all. I bought a Custom Shop 2006 model brand new – it is too heavy but frankly just has the greatest rock tone ever to me.

    However – one of my longest serving electrics is a Squier Strat from 1983 – then USA strats were not as available in the UK as they had been. Also they were stupidly expensive for a student like me. Also I’d played some second hand black scrachplate, three bolts and was not that impressed. A friend offered me his and I was on the cusp of buying it when he decided against it. So I read reviews of these new Squiers coming from Japan. I went to a shop, played one and bought it. Subsequently I’ve played more than a few USA strats – mine is better to me, simple as that. So still no USA strat in my collection and the name calling still continues at times – “oh only a Squier”… who cares it is right for me.

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