Letain Guitars

A while back I posted a bunch of pictures of guitars I saw at the Tacoma Guitar show. There was one guitar that I didn’t know the maker of at the time. It was a cool mix of carbon fiber, steel, and wood. I compared it to a Parker Fly that was also at the show.

I finally cleaned up the bag of picks and magazines and ads I got from the show and found the business card of the maker of the unknown guitar. It was Letain Guitars. I went to the Letain website and saw this!

Letain Custom Electric frontLetain Custom Electric back

Isn’t this an amazing guitar? I think it is incredible. I hope Letain Guitars doesn’t mind me resizing and reposting these pictures from its website here. The only question is whether it is semi-hollow or fully hollow.

Ok, there are a few other questions. What does the neck profile feel like? What scale is it? How does it sound? How does it play? etc. I am very curious about this guitar and the possibility of having a modernized version of a Gibson ES-125TDC custom built. That would be very cool!


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