Another Hollowbody

I’ve noticed this one during past visits to one of my local guitar shops, but hadn’t played it until this week. I really liked it!

73 Fender Coronodo II

The neck is well worn and the whole thing rings out when I play it. I really liked it! Oh, man. How does this compete with my desire for some form of a Gibson ES-125TDC? Let’s not even talk about the almost identical Hagstrom! Both are hollow bodies. Both sound good with their interesting versions of single coils (historic P-90’s versus unique DeArmond pickups ). One was a budget level student guitar and the other was a premium flag ship attempt. Both look really cool! However, they do not fall in the same price range.

We shall see what happens!


Camping with Friends

My family and I went camping with friends. We had a great time. Our kids played together. We stayed up late in the evening chatting around the campfire. It would’ve been perfect for my old garage sale acoustic guitar. But I didn’t bring it.

Because in all reality, it wouldn’t have been perfect. No one was there to sing. No one was there to hear me noodle on the guitar. They were there to relax. To roast marshmallows. To make s’mores. To go hiking and swimming.

But these friends are nice. So one night as we are sitting around the campfire and the kids had already gone to bed, one of my friends asked what my current dream guitar is.

Just asking that question in that way…”current dream guitar” shows great insight. So I described how much I love my light and thin SG. I described how much I love my chambered Warmoth strat with the Firebird neck. I explained the recent love for full hollow body, but thin line guitars. Then I described a thinline strat with the back contour that I may need to have someone make for me someday!

The rest of the group moved on with their discussions, but this friend and I enjoyed our conversation. He described his dabbling with guitar when he was young, but stopped because his guitar just didn’t seem set up right. We laughed about how much depth there is to this topic, just like any topic you really care about.

And then we joined the rest of the conversation and moved on to other topics.

But it was a nice reminder of how much I love this stuff!


One of my local guitar shops has an Epiphone Casino Coupe. It is like a small body Epiphone Casino.

Epiphone Casino Coupe

Admittedly I don’t like the modern sunburst or the headstock, but it is a hollow body and has fun P-90s! I played it acoustically and moved on. Then I saw the Gibson ES-390 in transparent red.

Gibson ES-390

Sorry for the bad picture cutting off the headstock. The important thing is that I played it acoustically and then plugged it in. Wow! I know I didn’t plug in the Epiphone, but I really liked playing the Gibson.

But it makes me wonder if it is the price tag that makes me like it more (you like more what you can’t have). Or is it the cosmetics like the color and headstock. Or the fact that I don’t like pick guards on these guitars? Is the Gibson really worth 4 or more times more than the Epiphone? What influences your guitar choices when looking at the expensive version and the budget version of such similar guitars?

Letain Guitars

A while back I posted a bunch of pictures of guitars I saw at the Tacoma Guitar show. There was one guitar that I didn’t know the maker of at the time. It was a cool mix of carbon fiber, steel, and wood. I compared it to a Parker Fly that was also at the show.

I finally cleaned up the bag of picks and magazines and ads I got from the show and found the business card of the maker of the unknown guitar. It was Letain Guitars. I went to the Letain website and saw this!

Letain Custom Electric frontLetain Custom Electric back

Isn’t this an amazing guitar? I think it is incredible. I hope Letain Guitars doesn’t mind me resizing and reposting these pictures from its website here. The only question is whether it is semi-hollow or fully hollow.

Ok, there are a few other questions. What does the neck profile feel like? What scale is it? How does it sound? How does it play? etc. I am very curious about this guitar and the possibility of having a modernized version of a Gibson ES-125TDC custom built. That would be very cool!