Another hollow body student guitar

I finally made it up to Mike and Mike’s Guitar Bar in the Seattle area. They have a very eclectic shop that needs to be visited regularly to truly be taken advantage of.

Thankfully social media and online selling forums (I’m looking at you make that possible!

During my visit I saw a lot of cool guitars and amps, but this student model Epiphone caught my eye almost immediately.

Epiphone Granada

It is the same thing as the Gibson ES-120T (probably made in the same factory, but I haven’t researched that so don’t take my word for it) that I have been lusting after in my local shop. Except that all the plastic is white (not my favorite) and the burst is the best one I have seen on these guitars. There is something about an amber burst that just makes me swoon!

I plugged it in and enjoyed playing it, but that single coil was noisy. I didn’t get it, but once again, I’m getting a better sense of what I like!


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