Next Guitar?

One of my local guitar shops had a Gibson ES-120T on consignment for a few months. I really liked it. But the single coil pick up and the price kept me from selling a bunch of other stuff to pull the trigger. But the neck felt really good to play and as a full hollow body guitar that was still thinline, it felt like a blues machine to me (sorry jazz people). I couldn’t wait to make it howl at the drop of a hat with feedback. It reminded me of that Hagstrom I had seen in Eastern Washington a while back. And it reminded me of the Gibson ES-446 I had lusted after in the same shop.

Then at the Tacoma Guitar Show I saw a ES-125TC with the cut away, single p-90 pick up, and a repaired neck (with new tuners that I prefer) closer to my price range. And they were discounting it a lot for the show. I almost got it. I even started discussing with a local shop owner also at the show what he might buy from me so I could buy this.

Gibson ES-125TC

Then I saw the same vendor at the show also had a great Gibson ES-125DTC deeper in their display area. It was well outside my price range, but had the cut away, two p-90 pick ups, and played very well. I really like the two pick ups, but the neck didn’t play as well for me on the ES-125DTC compared tot he single pick up ES-125TC. I still liked it a lot, but it is not in my price range (right now).

Gibson ES-125TDC

A few days later another local guitar shop ended up buying the ES-120T and putting it up for sale (it is a mixed blessing when the shop owner messages you a picture directly). I played it again and recognized how good the neck felt that made me interested to begin with.

Gibson ES-120T

I haven’t get any of them. But now I have a much better idea of what I want in my next guitar.

  • Hollow body
  • Thin line
  • two P-90’s
  • Cutaway
  • Trapezoid tail piece
  • Tune-o-matic bridge
  • Wonderful

Shouldn’t be too hard to find! Right?


3 thoughts on “Next Guitar?

    • Those are all interesting. I haven’t played the Godin and I am pretty sure that Peerless isn’t available over here. But I hope to get to the UK in the next year or two and will look them up!

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