Tacoma Guitar Show

WARNING – Lots of pictures.


G.A.S. hit hard at the Tacoma Guitar show. But I’ll get into the specifics on a future post.

I was surprised by how few pedal makers were there. But Lollar is based in Tacoma and it was really cool to see their booth.

I also met Joe Riggio who refinished and aged my 62 SG. He was happy to see some of his old handiwork, which was cool!

For now, here’s a bunch of cool guitars that caught my eye!  You may notice a trend in where my interests are taking me.

Wow! These Epiphones are amazing. I love the mini-humbuckers and the fading burst, but the bigsby makes me curious. I did not ask to play either one.

Epiphone Riviera mini-hum Epiphone Riviera

Here’s an incredible Fender Starcaster, which were originally full hollow body guitars (unlike the reissues).Fender Starcaster

I love this guitar. It just looked so good. So well worn, but so well loved. I like these ES-330’s.

Gibson ES-330

Some other great old Gibsons. I love the single cut away a lot. Those thin lines are so cool, but that middle P-90 makes me nervous!

Gibson ES-225T Gibson ES-120

And in an even more slightly more approachable price tag, here is a Guild.

Guild T-50

Made me think about trading my acoustic national resophonic for this dobro resophonic!

Dobro Tele

And here are some really modern guitars that I really liked. The Parker is always a cool guitar, but the other one (sorry I forgot the maker’s name) caught my eye. I wish I had played it. EDIT: The guitar is from Letain Guitars.

Custom Something Or Other Parker Fly

I hope to go to the next one. And maybe next time I’ll come home with something besides pictures.


4 thoughts on “Tacoma Guitar Show

  1. I love the original Fender Starcaster – I love the through body Strat like bridge – something to stand out against other brands, shame that the reissue uses tunamatic bridges which means it doesn’t stand out so much against the competition.

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