Unusual Guitars?

While out of town at a training for work, I stopped by a fun guitar shop. I wish I could visit this place on a regular basis. The inventory is so eclectic and changes so often. But it is a bit of a trip and its hours are limited, which don’t match my schedule. Plus I can’t really afford regular visits there. However, I did not buy a guitar this time around!

ovation breadwinner

This visit did not disappoint. I finally got to play an Ovation Breadwinner. The neck felt a bit thick when I first picked it up, but as I played it that feeling went away. It is actually very even along the whole neck. And probably thinner than my old Epiphone Sheraton VSB. The body really does feel as good as I hoped it would. It fit really well when I was sitting. It is compact, but substantial in the right places. And the pickups are very interesting. I liked it a lot.

I also played an unusual guitar that looked like something I would build. It was a Rickenbacker 4001 base style body (with rounded edges) and a bolt on neck (with a very ugly headstock IMO). It had two backwards tilted P-90 style pickups with wings, a roller bridge, and trapeze tailpiece. I was a bit shocked at the price they were asking for because the build quality seemed kind of like the parts guitar I built my daughter, but I liked the overall feel for what looks like a one off guitar. I did love how light it was! And overall, it played well.


And now that I’ve looked it up, it is a bit more unusual than I had originally thought. It is a hollow body! So check out SonicF.

What “unusual” guitar shapes do you like?


4 thoughts on “Unusual Guitars?

    • I prefer mad shapes in concept, but a start still feels like the best fit when I play. I haven’t ever been into V’s because I don’t want to always stand! Explorers are very cool and a Firebird has always caught my eye. But what I really like are those old Japanese guitars that just look unusual. Those are cool!

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