Guitar Mags

I’ve been sick in bed for the last week. While not where I wanted to be or what I wanted to do, it did give me a chance to catch up on all the guitar magazines I’ve allowed to pile up unread for last few months.

I have a subscription to Premier Guitar, which is still the best guitar magazine in the U.S. I used to have a subscription to Guitar Player, but they just haven’t been able to complete. However, a coworker’s Mom bought him a GP subscription that he gives to me. He’s a drummer!

For Christmas, my kids got an issue of Guitar World and an issue of Guitar Aficionado. GA was very pretty and GW had some good song tabs, but still not my favorite.

Now I realize these are all U.S. magazines. Am I missing any? How about in Europe? I remember some really cool magazines when I lived there.


3 thoughts on “Guitar Mags

  1. I’ve subscribed to Guitarist for years – in fact since it launched in the mid 80s I’ve probably hardly missed a single copy. I don’t hoard them… I should blog on that… lol there is a story!

    So Guitarist – best for me – I like it as mostly interview and gear based.

    I also subscribe to Acoustic – great reviews by David Mead primarily is my main reason for buying that, but they also talk to makers which are great features, good interviews and some of the techniques sections are good but I don’t use them as much.

    Guitar and Bass magazine – another favourite that I regularly buy but not every copy I flick through. But I like the reviews in that one and the private collection and DIY sections are at times really really good – they had a terrific “build your own Brian May Red Special for under £200” story a little while back – brilliant!!!

    Total Guitar is good – I used to buy a lot more when my son was at home as it has a bias to younger players I think. He learnt a lot of stuff from the tabs in that – more a tabs and techniques one. As is Guitar Techniques but again I rarely buy that I now use online much more for tabs etc. and some downloaded sheet music from some sites is so good and cheap buying a £5 magazine for one song makes no sense frankly to me.

    Hope that helps from a UK perspective

    • Thanks so much! I have read or seen issues of most of these magazines. They all look pretty good, but all the print stuff is getting more and more expensive.

      Does anyone have go to online publications like the Tone Report?

      • I use PG online a bit there are in my Blog reader thing along with GuitarNoize and I heart guitar… those are the main online ones I browse/read

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