It arrived! It is easily half the size of my Ernie Ball VP Jr.

I like it, but it is certainly used. I had to try it out first to make sure it works, even before cleaning it. It also squeaks when I move it up and down, so the cleaning will be pretty thorough.


The travel for engaging the pedal is short, but I expected that. If I were doing a lot of swells or ambient stuff, I would probably stay with the Ernie Ball. After cleaning it up, I messed with the adjustment screws to see if I can improve it. I was able to dial in a decent taper so that almost the entire travel of the pedal works for controlling volume. If I want the entire travel to impact volume, then it doesn’t go completely silent when I have the pedal all the way down. So there are compromises.

dod fx-17 insidesDOD FX17 adjustment screws

With those settings on the adjustment screws it does not do the wah very well. I think reviewers who have said you get one or the other (wah or volume control) nailed it. However, I don’t use wah very often and it does work as a wah.

Overall I am happy with the DOD FX-17 wah/volume/expression pedal. It does what I need in the size I need (and the squeak went away with a little lube). I’ll spend the next few weeks reorganizing my entire pedalboard, but for now, here’s a picture of how much space it will generate.

pedal board changesMore posts to follow.

EDIT: And of course once it arrives, Boss announces a small form volume pedal with the FV-30H. It looks cool, but I can’t find any mention of what size it actually is. And I haven’t seen it sitting next to any other pedals. I’ll just enjoy the DOD on my board instead of GASing for something only seen in a press release!


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