Reverb newbie

Having recently sold over half my gear, I did buy one thing. I got a used DOD FX-17 Wah/Volume/Expression pedal off  This is my first time to use Reverb as an online marketplace. I’ve looked at gear there. I’ve used their price guides for putting stuff on Craigslist. I’ve entered all their contests. But I’ve never sold or bought anything through them, until now.

I’ve used Ebay a few times for making purchases, but never felt truly comfortable with the sellers or the set up. Ok, it isn’t that bad, but I’m talking about how I feel. Craigslist works for me because it is local and I can see the person face to face (sorry, I guess I’m old school, plus I don’t like sending stuff through the mail). But the selection isn’t great, there is greater physical risk meeting someone face to face, and I don’t want to travel up to the bigger cities where the selection is better. I have used Amazon sellers for occasional purchases, but only because I get gift certificates from friends and family (I much prefer used gear). While Reverb is an ebay type online marketplace, it is specific to musical instruments. Unlike ebay, I don’t feel like I need to dig through all the crap postings to find good listings or trustworthy sellers. It isn’t perfect, but it is better.

So why the purchase? I’ve decided to clean up my pedal board so everything fits on it, but in order to do that I need a smaller volume pedal. I already sold my Wah pedals (a Morley and an Ibanez). The Morley just didn’t have the range I like. The Ibanez was perfect options wise, but was TOO big and the automatic mode didn’t work. So they both got sold in this cleaning process.

I’m really focused on the FX-17 as a volume pedal that will be half the size of my current Ernie Ball VP Jr. The range may not be as wide as the EB VP Jr, but I am willing to sacrifice that for space. Plus it with the flip of a switch the FX-17 is a wah, so I’ll get back the wah capabilities I lost when I sold the Morley and Ibanez. I could’ve gotten a Morley mini wah/volume pedal or the AMT Electronics Little Loud Mouth 2 (not a wah), but even used they were outside my self imposed price point. Anyway, I’ll be posting more about the DOD FX-17 itself after I’ve had some time to explore it…once it arrives.


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