Goodbye friend

As part of my recent culling of my guitar gear, I put my 1995 Epiphone Sheraton VSB up for sale. Today it has gone to a new owner.


These are great guitars and I am sad to see it go. In my opinion they are the best burst colors available. The dark brown and light brown work so well together. The headstock inlay is fantastic. And they play really well too!


The really neat thing about this sale is that the new owner appreciates these guitars as much as I do. He had one for 20 years, but it was stolen, so he is replacing it with mine. It makes it a lot easier to see someone buying a guitar I love when they love it too.

And besides, there will be other semi-hollow and hollow body guitars in my future! Just not right now.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye friend

    • It is difficult to part with anything in my collection, but I was beginning to amass gear, not a collection. I would love to hang on to everything, but I don’t have the room or finances to do that. I also ended up going for the deal rather than what I wanted more often than not. Which is one of the main reasons my gear was so hodge podge. I still look a bit hodge podge, but it is my hodge podge.
      However, this one was hard to part with. I really liked it. But when I ran into a Gibson ES-446 hollow body that was outside my price range, a Fender Starcaster reissue that will be in my price range when they start getting sold used, and an even better Warmoth Mooncaster body that I want more than the Starcaster reissue, I realized that there are guitars I would rather have.
      So selling gear has a two fold purpose. 1. Cull the collection back into a collection of what I want. 2. Use those funds to do something better. Both are important, but the key to my sanity is making sure that I’m “upgrading” when I sell gear. The upgrade may not be in the form of guitar stuff, but the money is going to an upgrade! The sacrifice is for a good cause. 🙂

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