Yamaha starter guitar

When I first tried to learn to play the guitar, my Dad was taking lessons with a Yamaha strat style guitar. I took it over for a few weeks of beginner guitar lessons when I was 15. Then I didn’t do anything until grad school when I first put together the Wolverine guitar.

So I was pleasantly surprised when an extended family member brought me a bag of guitar parts at the family Christmas party. He said his son had taken it apart to repaint it and now it was missing parts. I got to put it back together and replace the parts so it can go up on Craigslist before his son moves away.

First I checked all the electronics and used Deoxit to clean all contacts. I had to glue the backs of the pickups in place (the glue had flaked off).

Yamaha glue


I then polished the frets and cleaned/oiled the fret board.

Yamaha clean neck

After that soaked in (yes, I know I need to clean up my workbench), I found some replacement screws and springs so it would all go together. Next I put it together with one string on it to really test it through an amp. Once everything worked, I strung it up and did a proper set up. There is one fret that seems a little high, but I was able to compensate with slight relief in the neck and raising the bridge on the G and B strings 1/32 in.

YamahaEG112C frontyamaha eg112c back

It actually plays pretty well. Great entry level guitar!


4 thoughts on “Yamaha starter guitar

  1. Great repair job. I have invested in fret levelling and crowning files. For a job like that with only one fret high I’ll now file it down – but they are an expense

    • Thanks! I have fret leveling and crowning files on my wish list, but they’ve been there a long time. And not because of the expense (although that has an impact). I’ve been torn. Part of me is really afraid I’ll really mess up a guitar. But a bad fret job on a guitar can be a messed up guitar to begin with. I’m sure I’ll get some eventually! And then I’ll have the joy of learning on cheap guitars and necks. How can anything go wrong?!?

  2. now i wish i had an extended family member like that…. nice to meet you im a (guitar freak) and a wanna be guitar player too… so i totally get what you write 🙂

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