Cyber Black Temptation

I don’t know what parts of the world you may be in, but I’m in the great Pacific Northwest of the United States. I have just survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Yet I didn’t leave my house on Friday and I didn’t get online all day Monday.

If you are anything like me, and I hope you aren’t, you were overwhelmed with advertisements for guitar gear on sale. The only problem is that right now I am not in the market for any new guitar gear. Sure, I’d love to buy a tone of stuff, but right now I’m selling gear. I’m not buying.

Even with that idea firmly taking root with the reality of craigslist sales and family expenses, I was still tempted to buy stuff just for the great deal. Was it the gear or the deal that was tempting me.

The more I thought about it, it was the deal. Gear is always a temptation. But I keep it at bay with reality. But a little/big sale that seems to envelope my online world and my grasp of reality almost blows away.

So how do you avoid the temptations of the deal for the deal’s sake?


4 thoughts on “Cyber Black Temptation

  1. If I take a fancy to something I add it to a wishlist. I keep that in order of how much I want each item. I never buy anything unless it has been on the list a month – irrespective of how good the deal is. I try to restrict myself to things near the top of the list. My passing fancies soon percolate down to the bottom and disappear.

    And the other thing that helps is to unsubscribe from every email and catalog that tries to peddle stuff to you. If the gear is good enough, it’ll find you.

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