Spectrum 2 lives

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, well at least it has been a few years, I ran into a Teisco Spectrum 2 at my local guitar shop and loved it! The shop owner let me take the guitar home and measure it, trace it, etc. I didn’t buy it (which I still regret, but finances just weren’t in the right place), but I did hook back up with my friend who works in a cabinet shop to make one. This is the same guy who refinished my Teisco Del Rey. His buddy programs their cad machine and has been creating a cad design of the body. It hasn’t been a high priority for anyone (life and other guitars seem to have gotten in the way). But now it is a reality!

The first body slab is done and other than the neck pocket needing some tweaking (too shallow), we are ready to begin creating a guitar! The body has a maple center with cherry wood wings. I think we’ll go with a clear finish, tele controls, and two single coil pickups in the neck and bridge positions, plus locking tuners and a string through hipshot bridge. This is exciting stuff! Pictures coming soon!


Daughter’s Practice Amp

A while back I mentioned getting an old Kustom practice amp out of the dumpster that just needed new jacks. I had one I could add for the input, but the headphone jack still needed to be replaced. But it worked for testing guitars on my work bench so I didn’t worry about it.

dismantled amp

Well, now my daughter needs something to play her new guitar through. I took the little amp apart and removed the broken jack. Now I just have to get a new one, solder it in, and put it all back together.

amp innards

Wiring Woes

I got everything wired up and installed on my daughter’s guitar only to find it didn’t work when I strung it up with one string.

one string test

So I took it back apart and went over everything. I couldn’t figure it out. So off to the internets for a little research!

It turns out I had followed wiring instructions that used a foreign made replacement pickup selector. The three way toggle I used was a short switchcraft toggle. I had reversed the ground and output so I had a ground loop with no sound. As soon as I switched the ground and output lugs I put it back together, plugged it in, and got sweat music!

properly wired

Next step is to string it up, check the neck bend, intonate, adjust string height, and adjust pickup height.