Pick Guard Wiring

Still working on my daughter’s future guitar. I made a paper template once I got the neck adn bridge attached to the body.

pickguard template

Then I got some beat up old pick guard material from my local guitar shop for a couple of bucks. It is sheilded on one side, but I am not going to sheild her guitar just yet.

Using grease pencils I traced my template onto the guard material and borrowed a neighbor’s saw to cut it. For the pick up holes I drilled out two holes on each end and then used the saw to cut the space between the two holes out. It wasn’t perfect, but I gave myself some extra material and used files to make it bigger. It is always easier to cut more off than to add some back on.

wiring begins

Next came the wiring. I want to keep it simple and use only parts I already have. So she gets a single coil in the neck and a stacked humbucker (I think it is a DiMarzio, but is probably an Ibanez stacked single coil) at the brdige. She’ll have one volume, one tone, and a 3 way pick up selector.


3 thoughts on “Pick Guard Wiring

  1. How are you getting on with this project?

    I’m currently undertaking a similar project. Combing an old telestar 20 fret neck with a t15. Then I will have to cut my own pickguard.

    Im mostly interested in how you approached the bridge and the pickups as I believe these are hard to replace without original parts?

    Many thanks!

    • The next few blog posts after this one show how I finished the project. But my description of what I did before the pick guard is here. The first step was getting the neck installed. Once that was done, it was fairly easy to measure 25.5 inches from the nut (the neck scale on the neck I was using based on my measurements and using some online fret positioning calculators). With that I had the bridge position determined. I used a top load bridge so all I had to do was worry about whether there was wood underneath where the bridge screws go. The guitar body I used has a routed out section for the bridge, but my neck position lined the bridge up right over it so the screw holes were all around the hole, but not in it.
      I did have to remove all the wood between the neck pocket and the routing for the first pick up. That way I was able to set the neck in deeper. This is a first guitar for my daughter, so I meant to make it smaller, but still keep it at 25.5 inch scale because of the neck I was using.
      Hope that helps. I’d love to see pics of your project and would be happy to post them here if you don’t have a blog of your own!

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