Daughter’s First Electric

I’ve mentioned in the past that my daughter has begun playing the guitar. It has been really fun to teach (and learn from) her. She  has been using a cheap First Act kid’s acoustic guitar. This is one of those mini-acoustic guitars that won’t stay in tune and have cheap everything. But they are great for starting out and I had one lying around for the kids to bang on when they were really little. But she needs something of her own.

I have a “few” guitars lying around the house, but they are all too big for her small body. So I am making one out of parts I have accumulated over the last four years that are all on the small side. I’ve mentioned this project before, but I haven’t shared any of the progress I have made on it.

Well, actually, there hasn’t been much progress, but I have been working on it. I am putting together the body of the a Peavey T-15 with a Hondo neck. A complete Peavey T-15 would actually be perfect for her, but I don’t have the T-15 neck and I am not buying one. So I am making this work with a small Hondo neck.

First I had to cut out the wood between the neck pocket and the first pickup route because the Hondo neck heal is too big and I want the neck to go a little further into the body (I plan to move the bridge back to keep the correct scale length).

Second, I measured out and a drilled holes for the neck plate. I am using a deluxe Fender style neck plate that isn’t a square because one corner has been rounded. I then filed down one corner of the neck pocket body so she will have easier access to the higher parts of the fretboard with her small hands.

Third I attached the neck and it was not centered! So I plugged all the holes and am trying to line up the neck plate holes so the neck will be straight. It took me a while to figure out how to do this. First I covered the body with painter’s tape. Then I measured the factory cut pickup cavities and using to middle points of each cavity, I found the center line. Next I tried to correctly draw the center line all the way across the body (which will help later with placing the bridge) and over the neck cavity. Getting the center line correctly placed over the neck cavity is tough because I haven’t been able to bridge the gap between my ruler and the bottom of the cavity. My pencil keeps moving as I try to run it along the raised ruler. But I will get it right. Then I found the center line of the neck plate as it lines up with the neck.

kids guitar project

Then I drilled the holes in the neck pocket and put it back together to see if I did it right. It is much closer, so I used some paper to make a template for a pickguard. But that will be for a later post.


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