Homeward Bound

This week has seen a few changes in my gear. Well, not a lot of additions, but certainly some subtractions. I sold my Lyon j-style bass to a nice woman who plays keyboard in her church band and is wanting to try out the bass. I listed my red burst partscaster, an old classical, my EH Holy Grail reverb pedal, some miscellaneous parts, and my dad’s old arbor licensed steinberger headless guitar.

All of this gear is stuff that I have decided to part with. To get down to just the gear I feel I need…and maybe add one single piece in place of all the less expensive pieces I am parting with. I must say that this process has made me more philosophical than I thought it would. It has made me wonder, again, what I want to get out of my equipment and even out of playing the guitar. So I have started, again, to try to learn to fingerpick and I’ve started with what seems like a very appropriate song.


One thought on “Homeward Bound

  1. Good luck with the finger picking…. I learnt classically to start with, condition of my parents buying me my first guitar and with hindsight one thing that made me learn a lot of stuff that has been subsequently of great value throughout my playing career.
    However there are times when you realise you’ve gone up one alley that makes getting to another difficult. John Martyn – I love his stuff… but that slapping of the hand on the strings that percussive accompaniment he gets on many of his songs I really cannot do as I hold my hand in a classical bent claw stance that was drilled into me as an 11 year old. So shrug and move on you can’t have it all can you? Also anything with a “thumb over the top” fingering flummoxes me as my thumb is in the middle of the neck!

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