I’d Love to Save The World

I saw the new season premier of Person of Interest. There was a fantastic cover of Ten Years After’s “I’d Love to Save the World” by Jetta. Apparently it was also on the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes soundtrack and is on the upcoming Nightcrawler soundtrack.

So I got online and found this great little tutorial on how to play the acoustic guitar part.

It’s a lot of fun and I highly recommend it! Great song. Both the original and the fantastic cover that was on Person of Interest.


Guitar Lessons

My daughter has been playing the piano for over a year and asked this summer if she could also learn to play the guitar. We had tried this once before, but she lost interest quickly. Now she is a little more mature and understands what it means to practice.

So we started with a Hal Leonard Guitar Method book and are making progress. And she practices. She enjoys it! And she is patient. She just keeps trying at something until she gets it. It may take a day or a week, but she keeps coming back to it.  It is pretty inspirational to see first hand.

I mentioned last post that I started learning Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel. A big part of that decision was because I wanted a song I know by heart, have sung many times, and should be able to work through slowly with the finger picking until I can play and sing it at the same time. This is a long time goal of mine. I have lamented many times in the past on this blog that I just never seem to focus or stick to it enough to learn. I learn riffs, intros, choruses, etc. but not the whole song.

After watching my daughter’s example, I am sticking to it. My goal is to play/sing it for my family when she is able to play a song (she wants to learn Cherry Bomb* by the Runaways after hearing it on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack) that we have worked out the bass line for. And knowing her, she’ll sing and play at the same time.

*Don’t worry. I’m only a slightly bad parent. She and I already talked about how that song is not a good example for her to follow…:)

Homeward Bound

This week has seen a few changes in my gear. Well, not a lot of additions, but certainly some subtractions. I sold my Lyon j-style bass to a nice woman who plays keyboard in her church band and is wanting to try out the bass. I listed my red burst partscaster, an old classical, my EH Holy Grail reverb pedal, some miscellaneous parts, and my dad’s old arbor licensed steinberger headless guitar.

All of this gear is stuff that I have decided to part with. To get down to just the gear I feel I need…and maybe add one single piece in place of all the less expensive pieces I am parting with. I must say that this process has made me more philosophical than I thought it would. It has made me wonder, again, what I want to get out of my equipment and even out of playing the guitar. So I have started, again, to try to learn to fingerpick and I’ve started with what seems like a very appropriate song.