Hear Me

When my daughter was young, she had a pediatric cardiologist. You don’t want your new born to have their own pediatric cardiologist, no matter how nice the doctor is. On one particularly nerve racking visit for us new parents, our daughter’s doctor was explaining to us all the tests they were doing on our child and what the results were. While any parent would be freaked out as he described the nuances of the sound of her heartbeat and the slight changes in tone as the blood went where it was supposed to and where it wasn’t supposed to, all we could think about was how awesome his home stereo must be with ears that good.

Guitar for Worship (now Karl Verkade Music) recently posted about how he sold all his boutique pedals and still makes music that sounds good. He wasn’t criticizing the expensive boutique pedals. He has just moved on with how he makes music. So is it the ear, the equipment, or the artist? And is listening an art?


Every guitar I’ve owned

Following Wil and Futherton

  1. Ardor licensed steinberger headless guitar (Dad loaned it to me forever)
  2. Peavey Predator strat knock off – now the Wolverine guitar
  3. Lyon J-bass
  4. Old classical acoustic (wife inherited it)
  5. Epiphone Korina G-400
  6. Kasuga SG knock off
  7. Peavey Fury bass (bought for Dad, who gave it back)
  8. Teisco Del Rey
  9. Epiphone 1965 G-400 with Maestro
  10. Olympia parlor acoustic
  11. 73 Epiphone Crestwood ET-275
  12. Warmoth project strat with firebird neck
  13. Ibanez AW-100 acoustic
  14. knock off les paul
  15. 62 Gibson SG Jr
  16. Epiphone Sheraton VSB
  17. parts-stratocaster
  18. Peavey t-15 body with hondo II neck

And amps:

  • Vox AD50VT
  • Behringer Acoustisonic 100AWX
  • Crate G-20C
  • Kustom practice amp
  • Frenzel Super Sportster Champ