Beach Grooves

Spent the past week in a beach house on the Oregon coast for my wife’s family reunion. The weather was pretty good and overall it was relaxing, but the best part for me was sitting on the beach for a couple hours each day playing the guitar while the kids played in the sand around me.

beach guitar

I happily volunteered to take them down to make sand castles and run away from the waves. We even had fun making up songs about the family reunion, each other, and the ocean. It was great.

And I didn’t worry about my $20 garage sale guitar in the sand and ocean ear. I wasn’t putting it on the sand or taking it swimming. I was just using it to make music and enjoy myself.

But things happen. On a particularly windy day I was helping my son build a sand castle. I set my guitar in my chair and the wind blew the entire thing over. My guitar went headstock first into the sand. It stuck up for a long moment and then tumbled further, throwing sand everywhere as it traded punches with the folding chair.

There are a few additional dings, but a brief clean up and a retune had me back on the beach strumming away and humming along with the kids!


3 thoughts on “Beach Grooves

  1. I had an old Eko Ranger 6 for years and years – I think it was my 16th birthday present from my Mum and I only got rid of it when I got my Yamaha LL11 – although since it went I’ve always regretted that… I’m not good letting guitars go! LOL…

    Anyway – as teenagers we used to head to Camber Sands and have BBQs (they weren’t called that then really) in the dunes etc. and the Ranger 6 came along. Years later I remember every now and then some sand would find it’s way out from somewhere and I’d remember those days and the classic statement of my then girlfriend (now my wife) to my Neil Young mad friend… “So who is this Neil Young then anyway?” I thought he was going to explode… so funny

    • Ha! That is fantastic!
      And it is always hard for me to part with guitars too. Especially as I “upgrade” my small collection. I like my Gibson SG a lot more than my Epiphone SG, but I have a lot of great memories of playing the Epi and would play the Epi in places I would not take the Gibson. Sometimes having an old beater guitar has its place!

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