Roller Nuts

On my Wolverine project guitar I installed a LSR rollernut. I really like it. With locking tuners and a Wilkinson trem bridge, this thing almost never goes out of tune. It was such an upgrade to the original tuners, plastic nut, and cheap bridge. I’ve read a lot of people who feel like the roller nut takes away from the tone of the guitar, but I haven’t heard it. Reshaping the neck made this guitar a dream to play. Now if I could just figure out how to make the body lighter without ruining my decoupage finish.

wolverine lsr rollernut

While digging through the parts section of one of my local guitar shops I found a Wilkinson roller nut. The original Wilkinson roller nut (or maybe second gen) from the late-80’s with a roller bar instead of two ball bearings like the LSR. Apparently some version of these were installed on Strat Plus’s in the 80’s until 1991. This one was still in the box and unused. So I got it for this MIM strat neck that I got cheap because the original owner hacked up the headstock. I love the neck profile of this neck, but the neck itself isn’t pretty.

project wilkinson roller nut

Throwing on some fender tuners from an old project that involved upgrading to locking tuners and I’ve suddenly got a complete guitar. And did you notice the cool, three string, roller tree string? Always fun to bring a bunch of parts together into a usable instrument!

wilkinson roller nut


2 thoughts on “Roller Nuts

  1. Hmmm… always discounted these as they have got mixed reviews etc. I like the look of the Wilkinson one – plus I’ve used Wilkinson pickups and tele bridge on my home build Tele and frankly huge increase in performance for little outlay compared with other upgrades…

    • I will freely admit that I see where the criticisms come from with respect to the roller nuts. But I love the feel of the strings on my Wolverine guitar. Maybe it is the locking tuners and wilkinson bridge combined with the reshaped neck profile. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the roller nut, but I did all the changes at pretty much the same time, so I don’t know. Perhaps I should try a bone nut to see if it still has the feel I love, but even better tone. But I should probably upgrade the pickups before I do that. So many choices and options!

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