Guitar Parts

I went through my work bench, gathering up all the parts I have accumulated and came up with this.

Project Guitar Parts

That’s right. Four complete guitars…that just need a “little” work. A bolt on neck Les Paul knock off. An real live parts-caster with a MIM Fender Neck and a starcaster body. A Peavey T-15 body and a Hondo neck. And a beginner diy tele with guitar fetish neck. Where do all these parts come from? All I need are two tuning machines and a bridge. Everything else is good to go.

So I’ll be getting to work on these in my limited free time and maybe get them in the hands of friends and family (or even strangers) so they get played. I’m pretty good with what I’ve got right now.


Back to Life

Back to REALITY!

Ok, so this intro is a little cheesy. But what isn’t cheesy is how I was able to fix a broken single coil Jackson pick up. One of my local guitar stores gave it to me since it was broken and no one wanted to rewind it. It only had one end of the wire showing that is wrapped around the magnets. I have had it on my work bench as a way to learn how to rewind a pickup, but I’m lazy and it just sat there. I finally took the cover off and found the other end! I soldered it to the appropriate place and it came back to life!

Jackson single coil

And I will admit that I was not as interested as I would have people believe I am in rewinding a pick up.

Flanger into POG2

Wow! That did not work for what I was trying to do. My new pedalboard set up has my flanger going into my POG2 which goes into my EHX Pulsar tremolo. I use the tremolo a lot with an organ effect from the POG2. Last night I was playing an organ bit through the POG2 and kicked on the DOD flanger. The POG2 did a great job tracking the flanger signal.


But it was not the cool augmentation of the organ sound I thought it would be. I thought it would be like my use of the tremolo effect on the organ sound.
Obviously by having the flanger go into the organ rather than affect the organ sound on the other side was not going to give me what I wanted. But I could not imagine what it would sound like before I played. I had no idea what to expect. It totally caught me by surprise, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I usually have some idea of what something will sound like.
What sound has caught you off guard? What have you done lately that surprised you? Was it on purpose or was it just not what you expected? Was it a guitar? An effect? A room? Or something else entirely?

pedal purge part 3


After messing around with all these pedals, I have reconfigured my pedal board. The back end is pretty much the same with a volume pedal going into my Modtone Analog Delay, Boss DD7 Digital Delay, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail. Then there is the Digitech Jamman Solo going into a Morley ABY for the two preamp inputs on my Frenzel Super Champ Sportster. The new part of this is I have my gain turned way down on the Fender preamp and have the Electro Harmonix LPB-1 boost in front of it to raise the volume of the clean sound I have dialed in. The LPB-1 boost also helps the clean Fender preamp have almost the same volume level as the Marshall preamp does with the gain turned way up for a great overdriven rock sound. So I can use the Morley ABY switch to go between the clean Fender preamp and the rocking Marshall preamp without a significant change in volume.


The front end of my pedal board still starts with my Boss TU-2 Tuner, but then it goes into the Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive, EHX Black Russian Big Muff Pi fuzz, DOD Flanger FX75-B, EHX POG2, and EHX Pulsar. The overdrive and fuzz build well on the clean Fender preamp sound, but I haven’t experimented much with them going into the Marshall preamp. I’ll keep you posted on this.