pedal purge part 2

The other day I started my pedal purge with my overdrives and fuzz boxes. I’m pretty happy with what I am keeping and what I am purging. None of these pedals are bad, they just aren’t the sound I am using right now and I don’t have an excuse to keep them.

Anyway, now I am on to my other effects. So we’ll start with wahs. I have a Morley Pro Series Wah (PWA) that I replaced a while ago with an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah. I can’t get the auto wah to work, but the manual wah works great. Both are big, but the Weeping Demon has sweep range I like better and has a lot more tweakability (is that a word?).

Then I compared my two possible reverb pedals. I have an EHX Holy Grail that I like, but I feel is limited because it only has a spring, hall, and flerb setting with only a mix knob. I want more tweakability. I also have a recently acquired Danelectro BLT Slap Echo. It is fun to play with, but after a lot of tweaking and comparing, I am sticking with the Holy Grail. The BLT didn’t give me the spacey reverb sound I like sometimes. And I could almost get the slap echo feel from the spring setting on the Holy Grail (if I played a certain way). Neither one allows for tweaking the delay time, but the repeats were not smooth enough on the BLT for what I want…which makes sense. It is a slap echo, not a reverb.

reverb flang chorus try outs

Finally, I compared my old DOD Stereo Flanger FX75-B to my recently acquired Danelctro Milkshake chorus. They aren’t perfect match ups (kind of like my reverb to slap echo comparison), but they sound close. I tested them a lot. I was able to do a lot more with the DOD Flanger just by using more or less of the four controls (delay, speed, width, regen) to get some workable chorus, phaser, and flanger sounds. I have tried this before no many occasions without success so I felt pretty happy that I seem to be learning something over the years. With that in mind, I am keeping the Flanger and not the chorus.


2 thoughts on “pedal purge part 2

  1. I’m about to embark on a build a pedal board project… keep your eyes peeled for post(s) about it. However I’ve gone the other route… far too many pedals! LOL

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