pedal purge part 1

And so it begins! I am in purge mode. Not to actually buy the Gibson Custom Shop ES-446 I think is amazing, but because it  made me realize that I have too much gear and I’m not using it.

First step has been to re-evaluate my overdrive and fuzz needs. I’ve been meaning to add fuzz back to my pedal board after taking it off years ago. And nothing is sacred. I took apart the bass pedal board I had made a back too.


The first thing I did was dial in a true clean sound on my amp. I was surprised with how much gain I had to dial out, but it sounds so good! I then tested EHX LPB-1 boost and was surprised at how well the boost still kept the clean tone I had dialed in. It really did just boost the overall sound. Before this I had quite a bit of dirt coming from the preamp gain on my Frenzel Super Champ Sportster. Now I have a really good clean with boost. I think I may even put the LPB-1 after my Morley ABY switch so I can keep the volume levels about equal between the clean F-preamp and the distorted M-preamp.

I am keeping the black Russian Big Muff Pi (that has been modded for a power plug and true bypass switch). I am looking for a fuzz that really explodes with overtones. I’m thinking very shoegazer feel. Just a wall of fuzz. The USA Big Muff Pi is good, but just doesn’t give me the overtones I’m looking for. It seems to be a bit brighter than the Russian.

The BBE Green Screamer is out. I can dial in that Ibanez Tube Screamer sound pretty well with the overdrive channel of my Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive. Not perfect, but not worth the real estate on my pedal board. And the Marshall Guv’Nor plus GV-2 can almost be replicated with the lead channel of my Boss SD-2.

Then came the DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250 I recently acquired. I love how it sounds. And with the new clean sound I had dialed in on my amp, this thing sounded even better. And it drives the Russian Big Muff well too. Always good when pedals interact well. But I kept going back to my Boss SD-2. Why couldn’t I dial in as good an overdrive. The SD-2 actually has more tone shaping controls with gain, level, and tone. The DOD 250 just has gain and level. I kept going back and forth…playing the same phrases over and over. It was driving my family crazy. Finally, I turned down the Boss SD-2’s tone control all the way down and I got it! So the DOD 250 is leaving and I have learned so much more about my gear and what tones I want. This is all very exciting!


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