Cool Guitar

My local guitar shop has a really cool guitar that I’ve never played before. It is a Gibson Custom Shop ES-446. Way out of my price range, but it feels so good to play! And it is beautiful

Here’s a forum discussion of one here with some pictures.

The thing I really like about it is how much of a blues machine it can be. The more I try to figure out “my sound,” the more I think I like either really clean blues that almost goes into jazz tones. As much as I love Stevie Ray Vaughan, I’m not really a screaming blues guitarist. I’m more of a T-bone Walker tone wise…or I’m into the shoegazer wash of sound of the 90’s…or I’m into the harsh tones of punk…or whatever else I’m into at the moment.

And here’s one in action!

And because of this guitar I have gone through all my gear to see what I can/would sell, what it would go for, and if that is enough to buy this beauty of a guitar! I doubt it will happen, but just going through this process is going to help me purge some gear. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Cool Guitar

  1. Is that a solid body carved out with a top then put on? Several makers use that for this type now, Collins, Fret King to name a couple. Nice looking guitar, I like smaller bodied semis too like the 339 which I’ve played an Epiphone version of that I liked.

    • It is a solid body that is carved out so that it is a hollow body. The bracings on the top are also carved, not glued on. The thing I love the most about it is the feel of the body contour and how it sits on my lap, as well as the neck. I am not a Les Paul guy, but this guitar is bigger than a Les Paul (and obviously lighter). I have had a chance to play both a Gibson and Epiphone ES-339 and I like the ES-446 better because the 339 still sits on my leg/in my lap like a Les Paul. The 339 sounds great, and is lighter, but I haven’t fallen in love with any of the necks I’ve played and it still feels like a (double cut) Les Paul…which for me is not a selling point!
      I will check out Collins and Fret King. The Vox Virage is also another example of a carved out solid body, but it is not a true hollow body (more like a hybrid semi-hollow body) and doesn’t have the body contour. However, the Vox does had a bent body to better fit around the player’s torso. That is cool!

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  3. Very cool guitar — I didn’t even know this model existed. It reminds me of the Pat Martino signature, also now out of production. Have you been able to try the Starcaster yet? I still haven’t seen one in a music shop.

    • I have played the starcaster, five of them to be precise. I like the fit of the starcaster body over my Epiphone Sheraton VSB (but I like this ES-446 more than both). The neck on every starcaster I tried was a bit thick for my tastes, but is a very standard fender c shape that most people like. I will look for a used one in a few years since I will reshape the neck and add a master volume. I don’t want to do that to a full priced, brand new starcaster.
      The other thing I didn’t like about the starcasters I tried was the light grain in the finish. I prefer the look of strong and defined grain lines in my guitar bodies. Has nothing to do with playability, but since I am not very good at playing them I focus on how they look!

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