Play Quietly, but with a big foot

After my little purchasing binge from a local guitar shop clearance bin, I spent the evening playing with all my pedals. The new ones were fun to add and I liked trying them for the first time.

This was a lot of fun to do. The kids were asleep and my wife was in the other room playing video games, so I wasn’t bothering her. But I was still very conscious of my playing volume. I used the master volume control on my amp a lot to adjust for each pedal. And when I plugged in my whole pedalboard and started using my Jamman Solo looper, I still kept everything quiet.

As I got into playing, I started really mixing the effects up. I played a lot of combinations that got some weird stuff, but all at whisper volumes. I cannot tell you how much fun and how relaxing it was to do this.

Finally, my wife had tired of her video games and reminded me that we had a busy day ahead of us. So I shut everything down and headed to bed.

My wife complimented me for my quiet playing and then told me that my footswitch stomping was the loudest thing in the house. So for those of you trying not to disturb others with your late night playing, don’t forget those stomp box switches make noise too!


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