Broken String

I broke the high e string on my Warmoth project guitar…a while ago. I decided to not put a new one on right away because I need to oil the ebony fretboard. But instead it just sits there waiting.
I did play all my guitars last night. I didn’t plug anything in, but I did play them all and a lot of them need new strings, oiled rosewood fretboards, and polished frets. It is kind of embarrassing… So I will share it on my blog.
How often do you provide standard maintenance on your guitars?


4 thoughts on “Broken String

  1. They get a regular service and check over every time I change the strings. That can vary depending on how often I play the guitar but rarely more than 5-6 months. I don’t oil the fretboards too frequenty – only if they need it – probably once every 18-24 months. I always check things like the intonation, relief and action every time but I’m lucky to live in a climate with fairly stable humidity so they don’t often need tweaking.

    • That makes sense. I know certain guitars I have need adjustments more often. And for some reason your comment sounds very familiar. I wonder if I have asked a similar question before. I should probably search my own blog before asking questions like this…bit thanks for the great answer! 😉

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