One of my local instrument shops (focuses on sheet music and renting band instruments to students) had a big sign in the window advertising a clearance sale a few months ago. I was in a hurry and didn’t think about it again. Yesterday my wife and I drove by and it had a new sign and name. Intrigued (and with a little time on our hands), we drove over.

The whole place had been remodeled. It looked really nice. While still focused on sheet music and band instruments, there was a bigger commitment of space to lesson rooms, basses, guitars, and drums. In the back corner was a big CLEARANCE sign. So I began digging…jackpot!

Lot’s of fun little nick knacks that are normally priced outside my nick knack price range were now a dollar or two. I ended up with lots of nick knacks. Then I dug under a big pile of drum sticks and found danelectro effects pedals for $7. I ended up leaving with a BLT slap echo and a Milkshake chorus. The BLT slap echo was unopened in the plastic.

Then I found a 90’s DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250 still in the original box for a fraction of the cost. I didn’t get it right away, but ended up researching it online later. DOD recently reissued the 250 with an indicator light and true bypass footswitch. I can add those things if I really want to and still be under cost, so I went back and got it.

clearance pedals

That evening I plugged the pedals in and played. It was a lot of fun and I really like the DOD 250. I like the boost of my EHX LPB1 better for driving my amp, but I really liked the gain up and volume at noon for a great overdrive/distortion sound. I predict another overdrive shootout in the future!


Broken String


I broke the high e string on my Warmoth project guitar…a while ago. I decided to not put a new one on right away because I need to oil the ebony fretboard. But instead it just sits there waiting.
I did play all my guitars last night. I didn’t plug anything in, but I did play them all and a lot of them need new strings, oiled rosewood fretboards, and polished frets. It is kind of embarrassing… So I will share it on my blog.
How often do you provide standard maintenance on your guitars?