Guitar picks

guitar picks

I bought a sapphire blue V-pick Lite Tradition at the last Seattle Tacoma Guitar Show and have really liked it. But as all things tend to go with guitar gear, I was on the lookout for a new one. So when I lost my V-pick on a particularly cold bike ride into work I was sad to see it go but not overly upset because now I could get a new one. However, work and life has been busy and I like to carry a pick in my pocket (you know, for when I get invited up on stage at work…uh, never mind), so I just grabbed a little purple Delrin Dunlop pick from a bag of random picks I got from my dad. It was very thick for me at 2.0 mm, but my lost V-pick was thicker than the rounded triangle 1.0 mm Clayton acetal picks I used for years, so I figured it was fine. I guessed I was just leaning more and more toward thicker picks over time. Jazz guitar here I come!

At first playing a different pick rejuvenated my playing a bit because I was having to relearn how to play with the different pick. Just a slight difference in my playing, but still required some adjustments. That is fun when the adjustments are pretty easy and I am successful at making them. But the more I played, the more I wished I had my lost V-pick. I liked the firmness of the new one, but it was too small and the tip wasn’t sharp enough. Plus the plastic was slippery. I dropped it all the time and hit strings with my fingers when only the pick should be touching. The pick would slide deeper into my grip making it even harder to use.

Then I found my V-pick! It had fallen into my wallet when I had stuffed all my gear into my bike saddle bag. That evening I pulled down all my guitars and played them with both the temporary Dunlop pick and the long lost V-pick. I really like the shape of the V-pick. It isn’t as big as the rounded triangle Clayton, but it is bigger than the small Dunlop or a traditional pick. And the V-pick isn’t slippery which I still find hard to believe. After I used a Clayton for a while, it would rub and wear smooth. I could quickly exceed the cost of the V-pick with replacement Claytons.

Is the V-pick the end all, be all guitar pick for me? No. But this little event reminded me how much I do enjoy it and it can make a difference. So what pick do you use? Do you not care? Do you consciously change it up on a regular basis so you never get stuck without “the one”? Or do you have one for each style? What do you use? And maybe, just maybe, I’ll still get one of those quarter guitar picks.



2 thoughts on “Guitar picks

  1. I use tortex ones .6 ones on six string acoustics .73 ones on 12 strings as I like more resistance then normally .88 ones on electrics sometimes as high as 1mm but only if more heavy rock with riffs predominantly but I don’t play that much mostly I play more choral

    • Very interesting. I have been looking for a pick that hits all styles. Perhaps I need to just accept it and see what I like for all the different stringed instruments I can play. I’m sure I’ll be posting in the future about it.

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