Starcaster tryout pt 2

The burst Fender Starcaster my local guitar shop got in a few weeks ago sold quickly…and not to me. But they got a new one!

back by popular demand

Of course I played it. I had to see if my concerns with the first one I tried were still true. Overall they are. Even though I love the headstock shape, the standard Fender neck shape/profile is still there. That’s great for anyone who loves the standard Fender neck profile, but not what I’m looking for in a brand new guitar. Used…that is a different story.

However, I did notice that I liked the burst paint job on this one better. It took me a while to figure out what the difference was. The first one I looked at wasn’t bad. Neither of them have that cheap “spray paint can” look. But this new one was actually attractive to me. What was the difference?  It was the amount of grain in the wood. The more grain that comes through the burst and I like it more.

I did not know that about myself. I think I like the multidimensional feel of a burst guitar that also has highly figured wood grain. And were not just talking about beautiful curled maple Les Paul or PRS tops. Nor just flame maple strats. I mean, just look at this guitar from

1977 Fender Starcaster 008 copy

No, I’m also just talking about the lines in the basic laminate Fender Starcaster. However, this is an example of one with no wood grain and I’m not a big fan.

aged_cherry_burstIt just feels very one dimensional. But the new one at my local guitar shop at least had some wood grain coming through the aged cherry burst finish. I still think I’d like a natural finish best, but I wouldn’t be upset if I got a nicely figured or at least wood grained burst. Funny how we can always learn more about ourselves.


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