It Got Loud

I got home from work tonight and the rest of the family was out. I knew I had about an hour alone in the house so I plugged in a guitar, turned on my pedal board, and powered up my amp. Then I turned the master volume up. My little Frenzel Super Sportster Amp with a single KT88 is loud. My ears are still ringing (which is also a good reminder to protect your hearing when you play).

I didn’t play anything specific. I just made noise and enjoyed myself. It was very relaxing and a great way to unwind for the day. I was again surprised at how different the guitar responds when the volume is turned up so loud. It is a very different instrument when I play at more reasonable volumes and use pedals for distortion. So I’m curious for all you performing musicians out there: Do you ever struggle with practicing at home using “bedroom” volume levels and then playing live using “stage” volume levels?