Guitar Styles

On the way home I started flipping through radio stations. The first thing I heard was this.

As much fun as this song is, I got tired of the pop rock mix of styles. Plus that guitar solo at  the 4:07 mark is so soaring that I needed something to balance it. Don’t get me wrong. The guitar playing is great, but it is so over the top with how much it soars that it just was too much. The very next station was playing this.

Wow. What a difference. Maybe I’m just a classic rock guy. But the tone and depth of the guitar solo at the 2:10 and 5:15 marks just floor me.

And then there is stuff like this.

What do you think? Which do you like more? Are they too different to honestly compare? What other solos really hit you hard?


2 thoughts on “Guitar Styles

  1. The Pink Floyd one is tasteful, serious, restrained, and has the off the cuff sound that all great music has.
    Bon Jovi isn’t worth talking about.
    That last guy was pretty good. It got super embarrassing as a viewer right at 4:15. Why is he hitting the mic stand? His passion for the Old Man? The power sag sure sounds good – he must be pushing the power tubes to the max. I had an ol’ Garnet Deputy (Canadian amp builder – The Guess Who used ’em) that would sing because it had no preamp stage – it was always at 10 (or eleven in my case…) so all the distortion had to be created at the powertube stage but the 4X10 cab let it handle all the power without the speakers going over the excursion limit. It was heavy as a bastard. I bought it for $10 at a roadside pawnshop along with a super cheesy yamaha church organ. It lit on fire.

    Top solos?
    Voodoo Child (slight return) – Hendrix: the complete vocabulary of what, all rock guitar music for the last 30 years in one song.
    Freebird – Lynard Skynard: so much going on and the lead player’s intensity sounds like his green card depends on this one solo.

    Hey Hey, My My – Neil Young: The most snarling guitar tone ever. Off of live rust. You can hear him getting worked up.

    Best soloist ever? Easy. Louis Armstrong.

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