Espedair Street

Iain Banks is now dead, but I recently reread his wonderful story, Espedair Street. It has been years since I last read Espedair Street and, like the main character, I appear to be falling into a period of self discovery…only to be informed that I am the recipient of a Presonus 1818 due to an online drawing I entered many moons ago.
This accidental self discovery appears to be the result of randomly coinciding moments of starting over within different aspects of my life. I still have my family, my day job, my attempts at creating music and learning to play guitar, and everything else that I do and think about (and sometimes do without thinking), but I am once again moving. Not physically moving. I have momentum. Not just in getting the mundane accomplished or moving forward on autopilot, but actively engaged in this momentum and not knowing where it will go because it is not just me on this journey.
I have had a recent inside brush with fame and I have a greater understanding of how people are  still normal in even bizarre sequences of events.
Espedair Street fits even better into all this than I could have possibly imagined.
So I blog this jumbled mess of hints, ideas, and musings as I go about living my life as I have before, but now in a moment of clarity and direction I look forward to enjoying the journey more than I have of late.
Good luck to the rest of you. Good luck with your guitars, your mundane, your creations, and your lives. They are worth living…even without winning a thing.

P.S. big thanks to Sonic Scoop for the give away and for the great piece of gear that me and my friends are sure to use in our simple quest to make some music and enjoy life.


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