Ok, I admit it. I have begun a bit of an unhealthy obsession with two guitars.

  1. Fender Modern Player Series Starcaster in a natural finish
  2. Epiphone Limited Edition 50th Anniversary “1962” Sheraton E212T Outfit in a natural finish

I’m to the point where I want to just buy them both and then not decide between the two. I haven’t played either one, which is very dangerous in my opinion. Thanks to those internet friends out there who are feeding this obsession with links and comments. You know who you are!


9 thoughts on “Obsessing

    • That is the way I am leaning too, but I am curious enough that I want try both. What if the Starcaster just doesn’t feel right? Also, I think the Starcaster is an excellent base for mods while the Sheraton is a great guitar all by itself. Which do I want and why? It changes.

  1. Tough call. I’d probably lean towards the Sheraton. When it comes to classic vs quirky, classic always wins out in the long term.

    You do need to get both in your hands – because how it feels is at least half of what makes a guitar special.

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