Pedalboard redux

This weekend I got down and nerdy with my guitar pedals. I measured my current board, my future board from an old baby crib, and each pedal I own. Then I drew everything out on graph paper and cut out the pedals. Then I began reorganizing my paper pedalboard.

pedal board cut outs

My first goal was to try to fit my Ibanez Screaming Demon Wah while keeping all my other pedals on the board. And it worked.


My next goal was to try to fit my Electro Harmonics LPB-1 boost. I couldn’t do it.

Now that I am playing with bigger pedalboard ideas (I can’t put the cover on my current pedalboard made from an old violin case). Can I fit the LPB, OhNoHo feedback loop, Boss A/B switch, and control footswitches for my existing pedals (that currently sit next to my pedalboard)? It is going to take some time. First step is to actually design and build a new pedalboard!


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