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This post is not really about any specific gear, projects, or practice. But it is about some great guitar playing I have heard in the last few days that I have to share! This is a media heavy post.

“Paper Trails” by Darkside on their album Psychic. I put a youtube clip of the song being performed live at the end of the post. It is very long (16 minutes). And the guitar doesn’t really get going until about the 4 minute mark. So if you really want to hear what I loved as soon as I heard it on the radio, listen to it on Sound Cloud here.

I just love the different sounds created using different pick ups and reverb (and some cool delay or looping, I can’t tell). The singing and the whole feel of the track kind of reminds me of what I love about “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. And I’ll admit that I’m more of a Grinderman fan than a Bad Seeds fan. But the guitar tone is what really grabbed me in “Paper Trails.”

The next song is Mavis Staple’s “Every Step” that I heard just this morning on the radio.

Don’t you love that pounding beat? And that opening guitar? The cool baseline? Just fantastic! And Mavis’ voice just has that strength from experience to it. I love listening to her.

And since I said I would, here is a live version of Darkside’s “Paper Trails.”


2 thoughts on “Latest Listening

  1. Red Right Hand is such a great track. I’ve been listening it to a lot recently because it is the theme for a new BBC show. Watch out for “Peaky Blinders” if you get the chance. It’s a period drama about gang warfare in the UK in 1919 – sort of a cross between Downton Abbey and Gangs of New York. Very stylish and a fantastic sound track of stuff like Nick Cave and Jack White that fits unusually well.

    Thanks for the other tips – will check those out.

    • I will keep an eye out for “Peaky Blinders”!
      I find it interesting that your awareness of this song was raised by a tv show. I first became aware of Red Right Hand when my wife picked up a used copy of an X-Files soundtrack on CD. It blew me away then and comes back to haunt my other listening habits from time to time. How much music are we now exposed to via television when it used to be radio? The only reason I heard both the songs on this post via the radio was because it is a college station that has some great programming not played anywhere else.
      And for some reason I haven’t made the switch to discovering music via the internet. Sure I discover some music online and research songs and artists online, but it hasn’t replaced TV or local radio for me. I thought it would, but it hasn’t.
      And maybe I am romanticizing the past. I don’t hang out with other music lovers (besides my wife) like I did when I was younger. My coworkers are not music fans and always comment on my pop culture knowledge. I just see my awareness of current music on the decline. I don’t have/take the time to read music magazines or blogs. And the more I think about it I learned about other music from my friends. We shared music with each other. “If you like this, then you’ll love this!” Was common phrase. And my use of Pandora works, but not in the same way.
      I want to enjoy the music of the past without being nostalgic. I love “classic rock.” I love blues. I also love grunge and punk and brit pop and so may other genres and subgenres. I don’t want to be stuck in the past and I don’t want to only listen to the latest and greatest new release. So how do we balance all the sources of music? How do we create our own music? How do we find time for it all?
      Of course these questions aren’t just limited to music. They are questions about how to live life. So I guess they’re rhetorical. 🙂

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