Bored or relaxed?

This afternoon I plugged my 1974 Epiphone Crestwood ET-275 into my pedalboard, dialed in a great clean tone at a reasonable house volume from my Frenzel Super Sportster Champ amp and homemade 1×12 speaker cabinet with a Celestion Vintage 30 in it. I started with a swelling organ sound through my Electro Harmonix POG2. Then looped it with my Digitech Jamman Solo. I added some basic chords with a perfectly matched tremolo from my Electro Harmonix Pulsar and a little bit of grit with my BBE Green Screamer. Then I added a droning note with my POG2, Boss SD-2, and my Boss DD-7. Then a quick bassline with the POG2. Finally I layered some percussion by tapping my muted strings. Then I turned off all my effects and played simple little scale runs and melodies on top of it.
I left it running on the loop, set down my guitar, checked on the kids, and then found my wife fast asleep on the couch not 15 feet away from my guitar rig.


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