V Pick

While at the Seattle Tacoma Guitar show I also picked up a V-Pick. I’ve read about them and seen demos, but not actually tried one myself. One of the vendors there had a case of different V-picks and I was able to mess around with the different models a bit.


I ended up getting the Traditional Lite in sapphire blue. I liked how firm it was compared to the thinner options, but at 1.5 mm wasn’t so thick that I felt I was holding a rock when playing. I also like how it has one sharp point and two rounder points. I’ve already found myself rotating the pick in my hand from the sharp point to a rounder point when I go into a heavy strumming mode. The difference is subtle between the two points in tone and bass response, but I can hear it.


5 thoughts on “V Pick

  1. I succumbed to the V-Pick hype and bought two. I thought they were pretty good until the non slip unbreakable V-Pick slipped, broke and is still rattling around inside my Taylor. I definitely noticed a difference in feel and sound, and kind of liked them just not enough to invest $5.00 a pop to replace my long time favorite 1.0mm tortex.

  2. I used to flick about with picks but these days stick with Dunlop Tortex ones, I do use the III ones in preference if I can find them, they are shaped like the Jazz picks but its marginal and sometimes the extra cost doesn’t seem justified. I have used some by stone deaf which are a good budget alternative. http://www.stonedeaffx.com/store.html?page=store.html&ecwid_category_id=822219#!/~/category/id=765160&offset=0&sort=normal

    Oh by the way – look at this I was lusting over recently… bargain price too http://www.rguitars.co.uk/products/epiphone-sheraton-natural-inc-epiphone-fitted-hardcase-immaculate#.UlA3fRC1eqE

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