Screaming Demon Wah

At the recent Seattle Tacoma Guitar Show I picked up an Ibanez Screaming Demon Wah pedal. I’ve been looking around for one ever since Dave recommended it on my post here. I was hesitant to get one because my second reason for getting a new wah pedal was because of the real estate my old Morley wah took up on my pedal board. But my number one reason for wanting to replace my Morley wah was because I was not satisfied with the sweep of the wah pedal effect. Dave was right about this one.

The Screaming Demon isn’t just an over the top metal machine as the name implies. It has a lot of flexibility and functionality built into it. I won’t go into the details myself (mainly because I haven’t rebuilt my pedal board to add it in), but needless to say you can tweak a lot of stuff! See below.

However, the price was right this time and I took the plunge! Thanks damacleod!


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